YouTube Option Trading Tutorials….Helpful or Harmful?

YouTube Option Trading Tutorials….Helpful or Harmful?

Unlike its introductory phase, trading has evolved and has become easily accessible and practicable for traders who are aware of the necessary trading training platforms and tools to use before jumping into trading.


Trading in general has become more difficult and inaccessible. Trading can be learned in a variety of ways, from buying and selling cryptocurrency to day trading and penny stocks, using the various trading learning platforms that are available.

In the binary options trading industry, learning and particularly learning from the best of the bests is key in scaling your chances as a beginner trader. Here is some piece of wisdom from Abraham Lincoln. “If I only had an hour to chop down a tree, I would spend the first 45 minutes sharpening my axe.”

There has been an increasing search for a beginner-friendly trading learning platform that can help explain clearly the jargon and unfamiliar interfaces of trading. YouTube, which was founded in 2005, has become a household name and, more specifically, a credible source of knowledge and information.

On YouTube, there are diverse videos, ranging from music videos to step-by-step guides, available to help hone your skill and equip users with adequate knowledge and information. It is used by millions all over the world and has been tipped by many as a valuable learning resource for all types of skills.

In schools, universities, and colleges around the world, YouTube videos have become a solid supplement to other traditional education means. Exploring the perks that YouTube provides as a platform for learning helps traders learn how to trade options, forex, cryptocurrency, and stocks.

It is not a difficult place to find your way around. There are over a million sources of information and knowledge that can fast-track a learner to the next level in trading. To excel as a trader, it is critical to identify the best places or platforms to learn the tricks of making profitable trade moves.

In this post, we will be reviewing whether relying solely on YouTube option trading tutorials is helpful or harmful. Trading is a tricky and arguably unpredictable endeavor.

Importantly, you need to be sure you are learning from the best places so as to have a chance of hitting the jackpot. Read the next few paragraphs to get the full analysis of whether YouTube option trading tutorials are helpful or harmful.

What is Youtube Option Trading Tutorials?

What is Youtube Option Trading Tutorials?

YouTube option trading tutorials are channels that provide step-by-step guides on how to learn the act of trading. These videos are uploaded by self-acclaimed experts on their YouTube channels.

Youtube Option Trading Tutorials

In these videos, these individuals introduce themselves, probably give a brief bio, and then proceed to attack issues that have been made the focus of that particular video. The problem with these tutorial videos has been the lack of a credible means to truthfully ascertain the expertise of these persons, who are out on YouTube to assist beginner traders and perform very well in trading.

There are an inexhaustible number of YouTube option trading tutorials available, and to begin learning, all you need to do is click and subscribe to the channels.

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The Individuals behind Youtube Option Trading Tutorials?

The Individuals behind Youtube Option Trading Tutorials?

Expertise is untradeable in trading. Records have proven that most of the individuals behind these YouTube option trading tutorials are failed traders who have decided to exploit YouTube as a means to mislead beginners.

However, this cannot be treated as the whole experience of all beginner traders who have chosen to learn the basics from YouTube option trading tutorials.

Learning trading is specifically a herculean task, and only a few of the guys out there looking to learn trading are willing to sacrifice ample time making research and learning from all means of acquiring knowledge about trading. A good number of these guys are merely obsessed with the whopping sum of money attached to making successful trade moves.

Thus, they are incapable of burning late-night candles and going through the tedious times necessary to get a grasp of authoritative materials on trading. Basically, these people have found YouTube option trading tutorials the best means of learning trading because it is easier and cooler to watch than going through bulky documents on trading.

Unfortunately, relying solely on YouTube option trading tutorials is unhelpful because not necessarily all that you need to know about the trading ecosystem is thoroughly taught and revealed in these videos. YouTube option trading tutorials are not entirely dubious. Rather, it is wise that no beginner trader should rely solely on it for getting formidable and realistic knowledge about trading.

The problem has always been the lack of ways to confirm the dexterity of these individuals churning out YouTube option trading tutorials on their channels. It is this factor that has contributed to the harm that YouTube poses. Loads of inexperienced and fake traders disguise themselves as experts.

By releasing videos, these individuals expose many novice traders to losses and incorrect fundamental knowledge about the trading system. It is unintelligent, utterly relegating the essence of a YouTube option trading tutorial. However, many believe that not many serious and profitable traders have time to regularly create trading videos for beginners.

The truth is that there is a mix of both experienced and profit-making traders and inexperienced traders. The inexperienced traders are the good talkers. But the experienced and profit-making traders have trackable portfolios and profiles on other social media platforms.

It is this mix that renders YouTube option trading tutorials a dicey affair. However, instructing users to avoid YouTube option trading tutorials would be detrimental to the credibility and profitability of the traders.

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Which way to turn to as regards learning how to trade?

Which way to turn to as regards learning how to trade?

As earlier stated, it is impossible and unsafe to rely solely on YouTube option trading tutorials. The right step to becoming a good and intelligent trader is to learn and study on your own.

raining in the public domain

By studying on your own, it implies getting solid materials for training from reputable sites. For instance, our site materials are available for training in the public domain. There are webinars regularly released and organized, and coupled with this, it is possible to use a demo account as a test for whatever you have learned from the webinars and materials.

To learn on your own, you need to read a lot. This means that you should widen your scope of knowledge acquisition by going through books and posts written by experienced and profit-making traders. Alongside this, you should also pay strict attention to the work of experienced traders.

Examine the trades they make. If they are accessible on any of these social media platforms, reach out to them and ask them questions. Perhaps they have openings for paid mentorship; you could enroll in these classes because, rest assured, you will be getting first-hand information from them.

Ensure that you think deeply, then compare and predict. Many times, these experienced traders do not go about stalking beginner traders or inexperienced traders for possible enrolment, if you see anyone like this, that is a huge red flag; a scam.

Experienced and profit-making traders do not advertise activities and do not engage in recruit groups of students. Only a handful of them have YouTube channels. The reason why they do not go around peddling and tosing hundreds of thousands of dollars is because they are very selective of people who get access to knowing how they make profits through trading.

Thus, your duty is to trail and locate these people directly. When you eventually get noticed after following them, training and practicing under their guide many times provide higher chances of turning successful.

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