Promotion for Traders Trade2Win from Weltrade. $10,000 Prize Pool Every Week

Promotion for Traders Trade2Win from Weltrade. $10,000 Prize Pool Every Week

Weltrade is offering traders the chance to win up part of a $10,000 prize pool every week, just for trading.


Every week, 10 winners are awarded funds for completing a trading turnover of at least two lots during the week. Continue reading to see how to enter, how the draws work, and what you need to know to get involved.

How to Enter the WelTrade Weekly Prize Draws

The broker Weltrade is offering one of the easiest prize draws a trader could hope for – with no strings attached.


In order to be eligible for the Weltrade weekly prize draw, called Trade2Win, you will need to first open an account.

  1. Open a real-money trading account with Weltrade by signing up here.
    1. Choose your account type, with minimum deposits ranging from $1 to $100.
    2. Verify the account information and your phone number. Verification is completed inside your profile, under Settings, then Verification.
    3. Demo accounts don’t qualify for the prize pool.
  2. Deposit the minimum amount required for the trading account selected.
  3. Trade at least two lots within the week to be automatically entered into the draw.
    1. The week starts and ends on Sunday at 1500 (UTC +2 time).
    2. A “lot” is 100,000 worth of currency, or USD equivalent.

That’s all that is required to be entered into the Weltrade Trade2Win weekly prize draw. It’s a way to win free money for trading you’re doing already.

The odds of winning are low, however. Weltrade states that they have more than 600,000 traders.

Therefore, don’t trade more than you should simply to be entered into the draw. At all times, make sure you’re using the correct position size and trading according to your strategy.

The best chance of winning a prize comes from trading well and making sure you make profits in your account first and foremost. The longer you trade, the greater the chance that you may eventually win the draw simply by trading how you always trade.

I just wait until there is money lying in the corner, and all I have to do is go over there and pick it up. I do nothing in the meantime. – Jim Rogers, legendary trader.

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How the Weltrade Trade2Win Weekly Prize Draw Works

Each week, 10 traders can win prizes. The winners are selected at random from the eligible contestants.

Draws are made on Sunday at 1500 (UTC+2 time). There is one prize of $3,000, one prize of $2,000, one prize of $1,500, and seven prizes of $500.


Only transactions made between the start of the weekly contest and the close of the weekly contest are eligible.

Entry is automatic if the account is in good standing and the trading volume of two lots is fulfilled within the week – you don’t have to do anything else.

If a price is won, it is automatically added to the trader’s account.

The prize can be used for trading or can be withdrawn. That’s a big perk over many broker’s promotions, because most brokers usually don’t allow you to withdraw the winnings, while Weltrade does.

Lot sizes vary by trading instrument. Two lots, for the sake of this contest, is $200,000 worth of transactions.

Any attempt to manipulate the prize draw, including hedging, will not count toward the prize draw. If a prize is won under such circumstances, the prize will not be awarded to the person.

Full contest details are available here.

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Other Weltrade Promotions

The Trade2Win weekly contest is a great way to potentially win free money just for trading, but WelTrade also has other promotions you may be interested in.


Here are the current promotions. Promotions may be updated or replaced at any time.

Free iPhone 14 Pro

How about a new iPhone? You can get one just for trading.

Throughout 2023, if you complete 600 lots of trading volume you’ll receive a new iPhone. The 600 lots must be completed before the end of the calendar year. Expect a similar promotion in 2024 and beyond.

If you don’t want the phone, you can take $1000 in cash instead (available for withdrawal). As with the Trade2Win promotion, a “lot” is 100,000 worth of transactions, USD equivalent.

If you reach the 600 lots of trading volume within the calendar year, email or contact support via live chat to alert them to receive your prize.

Astrocards for Free Money

Astrocards are similar to instant-win prizes. For every $50 you deposit, you get one Astrocard round. A $500 deposit receives 10 Astrocard rounds.

A round is selecting three Astrocards from a set of five. Once you’ve selected, the value of the cards you selected is revealed.

The value of your selected cards is summed up and then added to the account. This amount cannot be withdrawn. This promotion is only available on MT5 and Universe account types.

Spinner for Free Money

This promotion is similar to Astrocards. For every $30 of deposits, you get a spin of the wheel to earn a deposit bonus.

Each spin reveals an amount that will be deposited into the account. This amount cannot be withdrawn but can be used for trading. This promotion is for MT5 account types only.

100% Deposit Bonus

On MT5 accounts get up to a 10,000 EUR or USD bonus, depending on how much you deposit. Deposit at least 200 EUR/USD and receive that same amount as a deposit bonus. The bonus cannot be withdrawn.

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Things to Be Aware of with the Weltrade Promotions

Promotions can be great, but be aware of the fine print before you participate.

The Weltrade Trade2Win and iPhone giveaway are excellent promotions. If you complete the required trading volume you are eligible for a prize (or prize draw in the case of Trade2Win). You can withdraw your winnings or trade with it. That money or iPhone is yours.

With the deposit bonus, spinner bonus, or Astrocards promotions, that money is not yours. For example, if you deposit $1000 into the account and receive a $1000 in deposit bonus, your account balance will show $2000, but $1000 of it is not yours.

If you lose $1000, you will have lost the money you deposited and the deposit bonus will disappear (because the other $1000 is not yours to lose), making your account balance $0.

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Does Weltrade offer demo accounts? 

Yes, Weltrade offers free demo accounts where you can practice your trading skills without risking real money. Trading in a demo account doesn’t qualify for prizes or promotions offered by Weltrade, but it’s a fantastic way to familiarize yourself with the broker and solidify your trading strategies.

What trading platforms does Weltrade offer?

You can trade with Weltrade on the Meta Trader 4 or 5 platforms, commonly referred to as MT4 and MT5.

What is the minimum deposit for Weltrade?

You can open a micro account with a $1 minimum deposit. Weltrade offers four different types, each with a larger minimum deposit in exchange for upgraded features.

What trading instruments does Weltrade offer?

On Weltrade, you can trade forex, as well as commodities, stocks, and index CFDs.

Does Weltrade charge commissions?

Weltrade doesn’t charge commissions. The fees for trading are included in the spread (the difference in price between where you can buy and sell).

Final Thoughts on Weltrade Promotions

Weltrade has some great promotions. If you trade a lot, the Trade2Win and iPhone giveaways are great ways to earn prizes you can withdraw.

Spinner, Astrocards, and deposit bonuses have a major string attached in that you can’t withdraw these funds.

If you can’t withdraw bonus funds, make sure you don’t overtrade or take too large of a position size; otherwise, the capital you deposited can shrink quickly on losing trades. If your deposited amount disappears, the bonus will disappear as well.

For more information on the broker, check out our full review on Weltrade.

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