What’s a fundamental part of trading? Information!

A good trader keeps up with the most valuable indicators – and you can do it too with our economic calendar.

We’re talking about anything that affects stocks, foreign currency, and other assets – you’ll learn about the latest news on the economy, finance, and politics.

All three factors will impact your asset of choice – so you have to keep up with the news to avoid any surprises and losses.

What’s an economic calendar?

What's an economic calendar?

An economic calendar helps you find the latest events and most important news.

Learning about them will shape your future trades and help you make the most money possible.

The most important and famous traders use economic calendars to keep up with the world and its changes.

It’s common for forex traders – but other people can also use it for binary options, CFDs, digital options, and other financial instruments.

When should I use an economic calendar?

You can use our economic calendar as much as you want and whenever you want.

It helped many traders before (me included), and we hope it can help you too!

We have no restrictions on our economic calendar – and we welcome you anytime you want to take a look.

Don’t obsess over financial indicators. Use the information we provide to forecast what will happen. Consider all the data before pulling the trigger on a trade.

And don’t box yourself in when using the economic calendar. You can use it for binary options and forex trading – but you can also use it for digital options and other financial instruments.

Think of an economic calendar as a hammer. It’s one more tool in your toolbox! Use our calendar along with other things you have to build something great.

How to use an economic calendar

How to use an economic calendar

The best way to use an economic calendar is to keep up with trading news.

We recommend checking it regularly so you don’t miss out on any developments that may affect your financial position.

Why do you have to look at an economic calendar? Because data changes all the time – and news is constantly developing. For example, one downward trend forced the S&P500 to go down 30% in twenty-two days!

You can’t just look at an economic calendar, though. You have to understand what’s going on there.

You’ll find volatility, notation, and three other indicators in our economic calendar. We’ll talk about them down below.

What indicators will I find on an economic calendar?

Expected Volatility

This indicator is the most important. It’ll show you how much influence the event has on an asset or market.

That means high expected volatility can change the price of an asset (for better or worse) in little to no time.

And your entire trading portfolio may suffer if you check for changing volatility!

There’s a color scheme to help you understand the expected volatility of each item on the calendar.

Actual indicator

The actual indicator will show data affecting events or news related to the price of an asset or currency pair.

Why is this indicator important? Because it’ll help you make sense of what’s going on and how the news affects an asset.

It’ll show you why a piece of news is creating a change around the financial instrument you want to know.

Forecast indicator

Forecast indicator

A forecast indicator is a projection. It’s not a sure thing – but something that may happen in the future.

That doesn’t mean it’s a gamble or a wild prediction. It’s often very accurate because it depends on factual information we already have.

Then again, I trust few forecasts alone – because I always find that prior indicators help me figure out where assets are going.

Prior indicator

Prior indicators show how previous events affected an asset. I believe looking at the past will shine a light on the future – and even more so in finance.

Don’t underestimate the importance of this type of indicator!

The past often repeats itself in the future, and knowing how previous indicators shaped current events will help you understand what will happen next.


  • Who can use an economic calendar?

    Anyone can use our economic calendar to find the latest information about stocks and other financial instruments.

    We highly recommend beginner and veteran traders pay attention to developments on the calendar before making a trade.

    At the same time, people using demo accounts or cent accounts should develop the habit of checking the calendar and making decisions from the information they get.

  • Is it necessary to pay attention to an economic calendar?

    Not necessarily! Then again, you have to find information somehow, and this method is a pretty straightforward way of doing so.

    It’s always a fine idea to use it with other financial tools.

  • What is the purpose of an economic calendar?

    Our economic calendar is here to help you get the information you need to invest smartly.

    You need to check the news and financial developments to create a new trading strategy or modify the one you already have.

    Imagine how little money you’d make if you were buying and selling assets without knowing what’s happening. It’d be the same as going to the casino and gambling!

    Following the information is what successful traders do – and we should all try to do that! An economic calendar helps you bridge the distance between you and professionals.

    It’s also an easy way to gather data. You have the most important financial news in one place and need little else to complement it.

  • Do I have to use an economic calendar?

    Using an economic calendar is not necessary to trade or make money in finances – but using it will help you make more money than you would otherwise.

    Think about it: the more you know, the better financial moves you’ll make.

    The alternative is the same as walking in the dark, trying to make moves, and stumbling with everything!

    Looking at charts and finding information is a big part of finance – and you can’t shy away from it if you want to succeed.

    An economic calendar is the easiest way to have everything you need in one place. It’s also an easy way to learn how to gather information and read charts!

  • What are the many benefits of using an economic calendar?

    Using an economic calendar helps you manage risks and expectations. You can halt trades and make new moves with the information you’ll find here.

    At the same time, our calendar is a great learning tool. It’ll help you understand what shapes and shifts the market, whether you’re into binary options, forex, or anything else.

    It’s fundamental to learn how to read an economic calendar and also learn how to interpret what the calendar is showing you.

    As time goes on, you’ll understand how easy it is to make a forecast when you have information! You’ll be making a lot of successful trades when that happens.

  • When does economic data come out?

    Economic and financial information is forever changing, and new bits and pieces of news constantly come out.

    For example, quarterly income reports from big companies come out every few months, but wars or material shortages may start at any second.

    Our economic calendar will keep you in tune with recent developments that may affect the stock market and other financial worlds, such as forex trading.

    You may want to read reports yourself – and you can (and should), but it’s impossible to read them all.

    Several reports and papers come out every morning, and you won’t be able to keep up and trade if you want to check them all.

  • What events move the market?

    Every development has the potential to move the market and make indicators shift around. Sometimes, something small will snowball into a huge thing!

    For example, people often think the American Federal Reserve changing interest rates (or similar things) is what moves the market. Not at all!

    Something as small as a regulatory change in Brazil can set new expectations and sweep food prices (for better or worse).

    Fortunately, you’ll find everything in our economic calendar! You don’t have to run around trying to piece everything together – we’ll give you the whole picture here.

  • What are economic indicators?

    Economic indicators help you understand past events, learn about current news, and predict future developments. Learning about them is very important, according to trading legend Warren Buffett!

    Simply put, these indicators help you understand the economy – which is a vast landscape full of changes and rapid movement.

    As you know, you’re free to use our economic calendar to follow economic indicators in real-time.


Now you know what an economic calendar is – and how to use it to make better trades!

Don’t worry too much if you don’t understand everything you see in the economic calendar – but keep using it because that’s the only way to learn!

Look at our blog posts and learn more about trading so you can better understand how to use this tool – and keep making money!



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