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EXMO Exchange Overview

EXMO Exchange Overview

EXMO is a cryptocurrency exchange and wallet provider with offices in London and Lithuania. With EXMO, you can buy and sell over 190 crypto pairs alongside more than 24k active traders on a daily basis.

EXMO isn’t as large as Binance or Coinbase, but it does offer low fees and an easy-to-use trading interface. The fees get lower the more you trade and depending on how you structure your orders.

Despite being unregulated, it is used by hundreds of thousands of traders around the world. Let’s dig in and see what this crypto exchange has to offer.

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EXMO Trading Fees

EXMO Trading Fees

If you trade enough, you can actually get paid to trade…but that is only if you execute more than $50 million worth of transactions a month. Even so, fees drop the more you trade.

The base trading fee is 0.1% for crypto to crypto transactions. This is one of the lowest in the industry to begin with.  Fees start at 0.3% for crypto/fiat transactions, but also drop starting when you execute more than $10,000 in trades a month.

EXMO also utilizes a “maker and taker” model for pricing. If you remove liquidity from the exchange to execute your order (using a market order for example) then you are a taker. If you add liquidity by posting a bid or offer and letting someone else hit your order (eventually, possibly), then you are a maker.

On EXMO, fees are lower for makers than takers. The following are the fees for crypto to crypto transactions:

crypto transactions

The following are the fees for crypto/fiat transactions.

crypto/fiat transactions

Notice that over $50 million per month, you will actually get paid to post bids and offers (makers). If those orders are filled you’ll receive – not pay – between 0.017% and 0.05% on the order.

To further reduce fees, there is EXMO Premium. For a flat monthly fee, you’ll get reduced trading costs. If you trade often, this may be worthwhile. There are four levels of premium:

  • Basic ($1/month)
  • Standard ($10/month)
  • Advanced ($100/month)
  • Professional ($500/month)

Depending on the subscription, maker fees range from 33% to 100% and taker fees range from 6% to 70%.

Depending on the subscription

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EXMO Crypto Products to Trade

EXMO Crypto Products to Trade

EXMO offers more than 190 crypto pairs for trading. That number varies and generally rises as more cryptocurrencies become available.

You can trade all the standard coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge, Tether, and Ethereum Classic, either against each other or against fiat currencies such as the US dollar, euro, or British pound.

Chances are, if it’s crypto and you can trade it, you can trade it on EXMO against other coins or a wide range of fiat currencies. Here’s a small sampling of the products you can trade versus the USD.

versus the USD

EXMO also has its own EXMO coin (EXM). Buying EXM provides perks such as lower commissions, being offered the first chance to buy new coins being listed on the exchange, and increased referral fees. However, EXM’s value has been in a steady decline since mid-2021. EXMO doesn’t offer crypto binary options or CFD trading

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EXMO Accounts and Wallets

EXMO Accounts and Wallets

EXMO offers a trading account and a wallet, as well as a premium trading account.

If you open an account with EXMO, you’ll have a trading account where you can trade crypto with crypto or fiat currencies. You can also upgrade to a Premium trading account for a flat monthly fee. There are four tiers of premium which offer deeper discounts on trading fees, as discussed in the Trading Fee section above.

Your trading account is also a hot wallet. You can store your fiat or crypto assets inside the wallet. Hot wallets are easy to use and only require your email and passwords to access. Hot wallets are under the custody of EXMO.

To transfer your assets away from EXMO, you can transfer them from the EXMO hot wallet to your own cold wallet. You’ll need to purchase a cold wallet if you intend to use one.

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EXMO Trading Platforms

EXMO Trading Platforms

EXMO offers a Simple Trade and Advanced Trade platform. Both are quite easy to use.

Simple Trade is what it says: simple. Type in what you want to trade and then click buy or sell. You’ll get a pop-up asking how much you want to buy or sell and what you’re exchanging for it. Enter the amounts and confirm the trade.

confirm the trade

Advanced Trade is for the active trader. With this feature, you’re able to view a live customizable chart of any crypto pair, check recent transactions, see how much is being bid and offered, and access a customizable order window.

customizable order window

While Advanced Trade provides more insight and features than Simple Trade, both are quite easy to navigate.  There is also an EXMO app which allows you to trade on the go. It is a fusion between the Simple and Advanced platforms.

It provides some of the analysis features of the Advanced platform with the easy navigation and trading capabilities of the Simple platform. At the time of writing, the app had over 100k downloads, but no reviews.

That seems odd, and may raise some red flags. Test it out with small trades before using it heavily. For live exchange rates you can also check out our cryptocurrency exchange rates table.

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EXMO Staking Options

EXMO Staking Options

Staking is like earning interest on coins you aren’t using. Commit them for a certain period of time and receive more of the same coin (or sometimes a different coin).

EXMO allows you to stake coins and earn a return. Percentages are shown below for yearly returns. The coins you can stake on EXMO are limited to:

  • EXM – up to 17%
  • ATOM – up to 13%
  • DOT – up to 12%
  • XTZ – up to 4.5%

This list may change over time. The amount you can earn changes over time as well. Keep in mind that while some returns sound alluring, if the coin value continually drops over time you may end up losing more than you’re making. Each situation is different. Study a coin before deciding to stake it.

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EXMO Funding and Withdrawal Options

EXMO Funding and Withdrawal Options

Here is how you can deposit and withdraw from your EXMO wallet, including fees and any minimums required.

EXMO Funding and Withdrawal Options

The minimum amounts you can deposit into your EXMO wallet are as follows:






The minimum amounts you can withdraw from your EXMO wallet are as follows:

BTC – 0.01

LTC – 0.5

DOGE – 300

DASH – 0.1

ETH – 0.1

These minimums are subject to change based on coin prices. You can always check current deposit and withdrawal limits inside your wallet when making a deposit or withdrawal.

You can deposit via crypto or fiat currency. Most crypto deposits are accepted, while fiat deposits are accepted in USD, GBP, UAH, EUR, PLN, and KZT. Deposit and withdraw fiat funds using the following methods:

Wire TransferUSD EUR GBP
Faster PaymentsGBP
Bank FrichEUR
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Is EXMO Regulated?

Is EXMO Regulated?

It is not regulated. It has offices in London and Lithuania, but it is not registered with any regulatory bodies.

Is EXMO Regulated?

According to EXMO, the company did have a temporary registration status from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK in 2020, but the page with details has since been removed from the EXMO site. A search of FCA registered firms reveals that EXMO is not registered with the FCA.

The company currently makes no claims that it is regulated. As to whether funds are secure with EXMO, only 5% of assets are stored in hot wallets, and the remaining assets are stored in cold wallets protected by Ledger Vault, a security provider offering insurance up to $150 million in losses.

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How to Contact EXMO Support

How to Contact EXMO Support

EXMO customer support isn’t their strongest quality. But it is there.

On the EXMO support page, no phone numbers are offered, there is no live chat support, and not contact form. What they do offer is several email addresses which as their FAQs page states will have a wait time of 24 hours or more for a response.

If you have a trading issue, contact support@exmo.com. The finance department can be reached at finance@exmo.com for issues with payments.

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EXMO Referral Program

EXMO Referral Program

Got friends or an audience that might be interested in trading crypto on EXMO? You could earn 25% to 40% of their trading fees.

EXMO offers a generous referral program. You can receive 25% of the trading commissions generated by people you refer. You receive 40% of the commissions on EXMO coin (EXM) transactions. Just sign up, get your referral link, and share it with others. When those people open accounts and start trading, you’ll earn rewards.

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How do I open an EXMO account?

Go to exmo.com. Click “Sign Up” along the top of the screen. Fill out the form, and you’re on your way to trading crypto.

How long does EXMO verification take?

Upon submitting your verification, it typically takes 2 hours to process the documents. In some cases it may take up to 24 hours.

How to withdraw from EXMO?

In your wallet you have a list of currencies available for withdrawal. Next to it is a withdrawal button. Click it, choose the amount you want to withdraw and your preferred method of payment.

How to deposit to EXMO?

All the ways to deposit are in your EXMO wallet. Search or select a deposit method and click the Deposit button next to it. Choose how much you wish to deposit and your preferred method of transfer.

How old is EXMO exchange?

EXMO was founded in 2014.

How do I prove residence on EXMO?

You will need to provide proof of address from a bank statement, utility bill, or tax document. Upload a picture of the document when prompted for address verification.

Final Thoughts on EXMO Crypto Exchange

EXMO is one of the best exchanges in terms of fees. Trading costs are low and get lower the more you trade. You can reduce fees even further by paying a flat fee to upgrade to Premium.

They provide a wallet you can use to transfer crypto or fiat currencies, and the platform is user-friendly. The steadily declining value of EXMO coin (EXM) isn’t much of a perk, but it is possible the coin could gain value in the future.

The main issue to consider is whether you’re comfortable trading on an exchange which is unregulated and has minimal customer support. While many clients feel secure trading with EXMO, that’s a personal decision you would have to make after doing your own research. While EXMO is definitely a decent crypto exchange, some are not. Mercatox is an example of one to avoid.

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General Risk Warning: Your capital might be at risk