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Review of popular electronic wallets for crypto currency: CoinPayments

Review of popular electronic wallets for crypto currency: CoinPayments

If we calculate the total world turnover of popular crypto currency in 2018, and compare the data with the figures that were recorded at the very beginning of the appearance of digital money, the interest in this independent payment method becomes clear.

If the usual fiat money obeys the traditional laws of financial circulation and the formation of exchange rates, then the BTC, Litecoin, Dash or ZCash exist and operate according to their rules. Every owner of exchanges, purses, or other trading platforms specializing in operations with digital money, tries to follow the rules set by regulating bodies.

It is almost impossible to do this: bitcoin (the ancestor of crypto-currency) and any other digital money can not be summed up under common denominators. In this respect, even Mongolian tugriks and US dollars have much more “common points of contact” than VTS, ETH or other crypto-munitions.

An old resource called CoinPayments (registered in 2013) is of interest for both miners — experts in the exchange of digital currencies — and ordinary fans of cryptonyms who plan to turn their hobby into a source of stable income. But what does this platform offer to connoisseurs of digital money?

Basic parameters of CoinPayments

The development of an alternative financial system was inevitably accompanied by the creation of various projects related to the mining of cryptocurrencies.

Using BTC, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc., as a universal trading tool for paying the cost of the necessary products / services (and, according to specialists dealing with development issues, this trend will continue for at least the next 10 to 20 years). One of such trading platforms is CoinPayments.

Main features of the platform

Main features of the platform

This resource works with the most popular cryptocurrencies. Their number is constantly increasing. Each purse is protected by blocking technology, which at the moment is one of the most reliable, and the scope of its use is actively used in a wide variety of activities. Some of the platform’s key features are:

  • The user-friendly and intuitive interface allows you to work on the site even if you are a beginner.
  • It’s an opportunity to enter into transactions with fiat currencies.
  • The application provided by the CoinPayments programmers allows the site’s clients to carry out the planned operations using mobile gadgets. The administration of the resource guarantees complete security of the personal information and financial resources of its customers.
  • Users of CoinPayments can block money for a certain period of time, as well as accumulate donations on their website.
  • Having registered on CoinPayments, the customer can use a digital POS-terminal to receive money from customers of his online store.

How is the activity monitored?

One of the main drawbacks of CoinPayments is the lack of the necessary competent authorities. In this case they would have all the necessary powers to exercise supervisory functions, issue licenses and other permits.

Not having this negatively affects the business reputation of CoinPayments, but most of the original customers do not attach much importance to it. Every experienced user who has studied the demo version of CoinPayments trusts this exchange 100%, without worrying about the security of their financial assets and personal information.

Objective websites confirm the personal observations of the experienced customers. At the same time, many experts believe that such factors often prove much more effective than numerous licenses, permits or other documents that provide the right to engage in financial activities, including exchange transactions.

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What you need to know about working with CoinPayments: An overview

What you need to know about working with CoinPayments: An overview

Researching CoinPayments reviews compiled by dissatisfied users shows a lot of negative information about the resource, but professionals do not recommend using it as an objective indicator.

Of course, every web resource that specializes in commercial activity will always have such “well-wishers.” Therefore, when making your opinion about the site, always try to study all available sources, giving priority to experienced professionals.

Available currencies

Available currencies

The main currencies of the resource are BTC and Litecoin. To date, users can exchange or use for their online store almost all known cryptocurrencies, as well as widespread fiat money. If you reject all the emotional, dissatisfied customers, as well as the responses of “customers” ordered by CoinPayments, you can say that this resource is developing well.

It is not going to position itself exclusively as a highly qualified exchange resource. According to analysts’ forecasts, following the chosen development strategy, it will very soon become a multi-functional trading platform with a great future. Don’t forget to read the Moon Bitcoin review.

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General Risk Warning: Your capital might be at risk