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Overview of promising crypto exchanges: Cex.io

Overview of promising crypto exchanges: Cex.io

The presented resource made its debut on the market of crypto currency in 2013, as a site specializing in cloud mining (obtaining crypto currency).

It was during this period that the most far-sighted specialists were divided into three main groups:

1.The first group came to the conclusion that even if crypto currency is a serious scam on a world scale, it is definitely possible to earn big money on it (which has been fully confirmed by recent events).

2.The second group decided that this is the first stage of a drastic change in the global financial system, which is likely to lead to the collapse of the dollar, the euro and the usual trading relations.

3.The third category of financiers categorically refused to believe that the blockade, military-technical cooperation, etc., can have some serious impact on international financial markets and the world economy.

The unprecedented growth rate of digital money in 2017–2018 compared to traditional currencies considerably strengthened the credibility of the MTC (in spite of a lot of scandals in the Asian market), LTC, the ETH, and VTC-Monero.

In parallel, there are all the possible exchanges and resources for the extraction of digital currencies, as well as other areas for earnings with the help of code names (but very many of these were fraudsters).

Against the background of the newly established platforms, Cex.io is deservedly considered a veteran of this line of business, which in the five years of its existence has managed to attract nearly three million users, who have never complained about the disappearance of funds or the use of fraudulent schemes!

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Cex.io: review of rules and methods of work on the site

Cex.io: review of rules and methods of work on the site

In the five years of its existence, the platform has earned a reputation as an honest broker, as evidenced by even the feedback from users who have a negative attitude to the resource.


Cex.io: review of rules and methods of work on the site

The Exchange is developing steadily, offers six languages (including Russian and English) and has repeatedly won prizes:

  • In the rating of the best pools for mining.
  • And by the volume of daily trades.

The custom Cex.io application helps users to repeatedly “disrupt a good sum,” using modern techniques, and the referral system provides an added income for experienced customers.

Control and safety of activities

The registered management company in London, a fairly rigid registration system, the possibility of using two-factor authentication, and a unique program for storing personal information allow clients to work without worrying about their safety.

Users of the Cex.io client platform know that their funds are almost impossible to trace (all funds are stored offline, or “cold process”; that is, to find them with the help of the World Wide Web is practically impossible). The service actively cooperates with the UK authorities in the field of money laundering and checks its clients for involvement in illegal financial transactions.


Many novice users complain about the lack of training information. There is minimal tutorial information for Cex.io, and the site administration does not provide information about prospective trade directions and possible ways of making profitable investments.

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How to work on Cex.io

How to work on Cex.io

Judging by the reviews posted on Cex.io, one can conclude that it is possible to earn money through trade / exchange (including pairs of digital and fiat money), and for non-US residents, marginal trading is allowed.

How to work on Cex.io

Experienced users do not like the fact that in 2016 they canceled cloud mining, and the administration of the site is charging quite high commissions for conducting trading operations.

The minimum amount for conducting commercial transactions on the platform is 100 US dollars (one may only use amounts that are multiples of one hundred: 200, 300, 400 dollars, etc.). The main currencies for working on the trading platform are:

  • Euro;
  • Russian rubles
  • U.S. dollars;
  • British pounds.
  • Among the most popular cryptonyms are: bitcoin, ethereum and bitcoin cache.

How to replenish your account and withdraw money

If you examine the existing user reviews for Cex.io, you can find a lot of options on how to deposit and withdraw funds. For example, you can use traditional bank transfers. They are slow, but they have one nice bonus – a complete absence of commissions for the performance of these financial transactions.

A very convenient and free way of crediting funds is the use of crypto-currency wallets, but in some situations, experienced traders recommend paying a small commission, which will significantly speed up the crediting time.

Bank cards (MasterCard or Visa) – fast, convenient and reliable, but the owners of the resource/financial institution will charge 3.5% of the amount that the user plans to deposit into the trading platform account.

Instead of conclusion

Analyzing feedback, both experienced traders and beginners, you can find a variety of opinions (and the prevailing reviews and opinions of professionals are positive). But, unfortunately, there are a lot of dissatisfied customers who do not like the fact that the site has discontinued cloud mining.

Although they most likely don’t appreciate that today this issue is not a serious problem. Do not forget that the amount of crypto-currency has certain limitations, so maintaining this function has simply become unprofitable for most web resources. Avoid being lured in by fake crypto mining companies. You also need to watch out for crypto exchanges with poor reputations, like Mercatox.

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General Risk Warning: Your capital might be at risk