OptionClub review 2023: should you sign up?

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It has been around since 2011. Do you know Optionclub offers chameleon day trades? Stick till the end to find out all about this broker. First, let’s see how the broker stands out!

OptionClub review 2023: should you sign up?

How does Optionclub stand out?

Regulated: Optionclub is regulated by the AFM.

Chameleon Day Trades: Chameleon trades allow you to analyze the next trading day without actively trading.

Global Stocks: Optionclub allows you to trade stock indices from multiple countries.

Free E-Book: They offer their subscribers the free e-book Investing Without Emotion.

What is Optionclub?

What is Optionclub?

Optionclub is a binary options broker from the Netherlands. Over time, it has seen some changes.

But the broker is active and going well. Let’s dig deeper into what this broker is all about.

Optionclub is a Dutch binary options broker that has come a long way since its inception. It is part of Index BV. Initially, the broker’s name was Optieclub, and it came onto the scene in 2011.

However, the broker started operating in 2013. Now, it is Optionclub and provides trading for European traders.

Optionclub and provides trading

Optionclub homepage

Yes, it restricts traders from everywhere else. This broker has an unusual story (I’ll get to it in a minute). It lacks in some areas while standing out in others. As we go through this review, you’ll learn a lot about the broker.

Who regulates Optionclub?

When I visit any broker’s website, I look for the regulation page. It wasn’t hard to find the broker regulation at Optionclub I just had to scroll down a bit. So, let’s find out more.

When you scroll down to the bottom of the homepage, you can see the broker’s regulation. Optionclub is regulated by AFM (Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets).

Who regulates Optionclub?

Optionclub regulations

But one may wonder, “Binary options in the Netherlands? What’s the story?” Remember I told you that this broker has a story to tell? Well, this is it.

AFM prohibits binary options. So, Optionclcub fought a battle with the Dutch regulator to make binary options legal in Europe. Although AFM, at first, refused to grant them a license. Yeah, it’s a bit shocking!

The courts in the Netherlands eventually decided that binary options are investing. At last, Optionclub got its license.

How does Optionclub work?

Optionclub seems different from other brokers. So, which assets do they provide? Is the information available? Let’s find out!

How does Optionclub work?

When looking for tradable assets, you’ll come across stock indices. Here’s a list of them

  • NED25
  • US30
  • S&P500
  • GER30
  • UK100

So, you see, you can only trade stocks. I didn’t like that because I’m a forex trader and want to see some pipping action. Unfortunately, I didn’t get that from Optionclub.

I have to tell you something important. Optionclub defines binary options differently than other brokers. I didn’t find out initially, but I came across it once I got the hang of the platform. So, in addition to the high/low binary, XL and Flex choices are available.

XL options are a fancy term for high/low binary options close to expiration. Flex options aren’t closed by the expiry date. They are instead closed due to price volatility.

How does the Optionclub platform work?

Optionclub has a complex platform. You may need to dig in to learn about the platform. It’s not beginner-friendly. That was the first thing I noticed! Optionclub offers a native platform.

Web platform

Trading at Optionclub is entirely web-based, as with most binary options brokers. The web interface is unappealing and lacks utility. The entire website is dated, and there is a need for development.

It is not surprising, given the limited product portfolio. You can click on one of the 20 options in your account. Choose “higher” or “lower” and click “execute,” and that’s it.

Mobile and tablet

The broker does offer an app for mobile and tablets. It offers the same features as the web platform.

Optionclub platform

Optionclub platform

What trading indicators are available?

Trading indicators are helpful in every type of trading, for both beginners and experienced traders. Optionclub has minimal assets to trade. Still, traders can use the following indicators to predict the market.

  • Relative Strength Index
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Intraday Momentum Index
  • Money Flow Index
  • Simple moving averages and many more
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What are Optionclub trading accounts?

What are Optionclub trading accounts?

Nowadays, most brokers offer different trading accounts. Traders can choose the account and trade according to their preferences.

Optionclub prefers a straightforward approach. They do not offer different accounts for trading.

I like to keep things simple and so does Optionclub. It only offers one account type. The overall trading conditions were OK for me.

Does Optionclub offer a demo account?

Yes! Like other brokers, Optionclub offers a demo account to its traders. The account allows you to practice in real time on actual stock markets. You are under no obligation ever to deposit money with this demo account.

The practice account includes €10,000 in virtual money that you may use to trade options. By making your first deposit, you can convert your account to a genuine account. They will convert your demo account instantly to a real account.

There is free advice and methods, as well as financial market news. Of course, this is ideal if you want to generate a good investment return.

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How safe is Optionclub?

How safe is Optionclub?

The safety of a broker is a real concern. I mean, I don’t want to trade with an unsafe broker.

You don’t want to, either. So, let’s find out if Optionclub is safe.

How safe is Optionclub?

Optionclub is a legitimate broker, as I told you earlier. Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) has approved the broker.

The AFM ensures that everything is fair and that you are not taken advantage of. That’s why I am confident that this broker is trustworthy. Besides, as a licensed broker, you can get protection for up to €20,000 from the De Nederlandsche Bank.

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Where is Optionclub located?

Where is Optionclub located?

Optionclub has been in operation since 2011. The broker underwent a thorough overhaul in 2013.

With this progress, they employed more people. But where are they located?

The headquarter of Optionclub is in the Netherlands. The location of the broker is De Hooge Krocht 2-H, 2201 TX Noordwijk, Netherlands.

Who owns Optionclub?

Optionclub started as Optieclub.nl. Thijs Bloemink founded the broker.

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How to deposit funds in an Optionclub account?

How to deposit funds in an Optionclub account?

All you need to do to get a legitimate account with Optionclub is make a deposit. When you deposit money, you must transmit the bare minimum.

You must deposit at least €20 when making a payment. Let’s find out more.

Here are several methods for depositing funds into the account.

  • iDEAL
  • Giropay
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Bank transfer

How to withdraw funds from an Optionclub account?

You will want to withdraw the cool bucks you made. You can withdraw money anytime you want with Optionclub. But what are the methods available? Let me tell you.

Bank transfers and credit cards are the only options for withdrawals. The fact that Optionclub is a Dutch broker is a significant benefit. It means you might have your money in your account within one business day. There are no additional charges for this.

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How to contact Optionclub?

How to contact Optionclub?

Of course, questions will arise from time to time when you are a beginner. You can’t find most of the relevant questions in the lengthy FAQ.

So, you can contact Optionclub customer service directly. Let’s see how you can contact the broker.

Customers can contact customer care via live chat or email. You can reach customer care by email at memberservices@optionclub.com. If you prefer phone communication, you may also arrange a callback request.

Optionclub contact page

Optionclub contact page

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Does Optionclub offer promo codes?

Does Optionclub offer promo codes?

Promotional codes are a marketing strategy for many brokers. The strategy works almost every time.

But does Optionclub even have promo codes? Let’s see!

Unfortunately, Optionclub doesn’t provide any promo codes.

Does Optionclub offer bonuses?

I do love bonuses. I mean, who doesn’t like free stuff? What are some of the bonuses Optionclub offers? Let’s check it out. All traders have the opportunity to receive a 100% first-deposit bonus. So, that’s cool!

Looking for no-strings-attached trading bonuses? Check out Weltrade promotions.

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Does Optionclub charge tax on profits?

Does Optionclub charge tax on profits?

Taxes are an integral part of trading. You have to keep up with your taxes.

But the question is, does Optionclub charge taxes? Let’s find out more.

I didn’t see any tax info on the Optionclub website. However, AFM does require the filing of your trading taxes.

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How do I make money with Optionclub?

How do I make money with Optionclub?

My buddy recommended Optionclub to me, and I wanted to give it a try. I tried to sign with the broker back in 2019. The sign-up process was a bit complex. After going through a puzzling process, I did sign up.

So, I liked the native platform because that’s the only one the broker provides. I did trade on it for like three months and couldn’t find proper info when I needed it. The broker’s regulation makes things safer, but navigating the website is hard.

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What is the expiry time of an option?
On the Optionclub platform, the expiry time for an option is from 10 minutes to one day.

How can I buy options?
If you are logged in to your Optionclub account, you are redirected to Optiondesk. From there, you can decide for which asset you want to buy options.

How can I cancel my account?

You need to contact the support team to cancel or delete your Optionclub account. They’ll guide you further in the process.

Final thoughts

So, there you go! Optionclub is a regulated broker but lacks in some areas. The broker must improve account types, the variety of tradable assets, and platforms. Also, they need to make their site more user-friendly.

I mean, it shouldn’t take eons to get to the info you need. Having opened and closed an account there, I would give Optionclub 3/5.

It is one of the best international brokers. Different types of assets, convenient and reliable platform, favorable trading conditions. Want to know more? Click here.

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