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Aleks Rudnej
Aleks Rudnej
Great broker with huge advantages. I draw your attention to the fact that it has always been important for me, this is a quick withdrawal of funds. Money actually comes into the account during the working day, or even earlier. Transaction support by phone remotely. The manager is always available for communication and if there is some kind of promotion or the opportunity to buy an interesting and promising asset, then it is mandatory to inform. This is not a little important and pleasant on his part, although many calls can be very annoying. Personally, my experience with this broker is more than a year, and at the moment everything is just wonderful. Therefore, I can safely recommend to other people and start trading and making money.

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Segea Necahas
Segea Necahas
The first time I withdrew money and was very impressed in a good sense of the word to how the Manager "accompanies" the conclusion. With me was on ties, after formalizing the the applications immediately rang, checked necessary, through clock again phone call, in which told, that money over already verification and bid approved and EPS will send on expense already today. In the evening received a notice of receipt of money, and the Commission normal were removed, no surprises!

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Hubert     Simpson
Hubert Simpson
The first time I withdrew money and was very surprised in a good sense of the word by how the Manager "accompanies" the conclusion the terminal works quickly, Excellent honest broker, all are displayed without fraud. advise all, tested on practice, all honestly and without surprises

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Stefania Backer
Stefania Backer
In general, I accidentally got into investors. I sold the cottage and wanted to put finances on the contribution, I was looking for a bank, where the percentage is higher. Once I decided to read about brokerage projects on the forums, I scanned many different companies, but I couldn’t make a choice until I received a call from MaxiMarkets. We consulted with a consultant about investment products. Honestly, I did not seriously think about it, but I googled, talked with friends, and changed my attitude to protective products. As a result, I opened an account with a small amount of $ 3000 (by the way, it turned out quickly, without delay). I have already received my first dividends, I was extremely happy with them. I plan to continue investing, I really like the broker!

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An excellent honest broker, the terminal works quickly, good analytics, all withdrawal requests are processed, all are withdrawn without fraud. You can also say about the Marketplace, it works stably. The first time I took off the money and was very surprised in a good sense of the word how the manager “accompanies” the conclusion. He contacted me, after filling out the application, I immediately called, checked what was needed, called again a day later, in which I said that the money had already been verified and the application was approved, and EPS would be sent to the account today. In the evening I received a notification of receipt of money, and the commission, all honestly and without surprises, I advise everyone, checked in practice

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Did you ever try to open and close a trade at a specific moment, only for the platform to freeze and cause spillage? It’s the worst feeling to end up with prices you did not bargain for during the trade. MaxiMarkets sought to eliminate this shortfall with its one-click trading platform.

Millennials jumped into online trading in record numbers during COVID-19, resulting in perceptible growth for brokers. Now is the time to carefully sieve out multiple platforms and select the best one for you.

MaxiMarkets has all you need to execute your trading techniques using technical indicators. What follows is an in-depth review of MaxiMarkets, its features, and its capabilities, so you can decide if it’s worth checking out.

worth checking out

Pros of MaxiMarkets

  • Quick and easy access to your funds
  • Convenient layout and easy navigation.
  • Financial market news, predictions, and analysis
  • No commissions or hidden fees
  • Marketing incentives, commission plans, and affiliate programs
  • Assistance with technology around the clock
  • Personal manager
  • Transactions can be opened and closed quickly and easily.
  • Rapid processing of orders

Cons of MaxiMarkets

  • Limits are set high for novice traders to break into the market
  • Bonuses imposed
  • Lag in response time from technical support
  • Not-so-profitable trading tips

What is MaxiMarkets?

What is MaxiMarkets?

It is prudent to learn about a platform as much as possible before signing up with it. For that reason, I took a quick dive into its regulation, security features, and trading tools. Here’s what I discovered during my time examining the platform.

Before exploring the features, we should have some background information about the MaxiMarkets. It has been in business since 2008, and traders worldwide use it to trade currencies. Today, it has four platforms with 200 instruments for traders to pick from and engage the market.

As much as this forex dealer aims to have global reach, it also tries to offer robust features. It has enough indicators for in-depth technical analysis and enough leverage for success. Still, you should do your homework before trading.


Maxi Services Ltd., the company behind MaxiMarkets, is incorporated under the provisions of the Marshall Island Business Corporation Act. Notwithstanding, it conducts its activities under the laws of any country it operates in.

For example, in Russia, the company follows the Securities Market Laws of the Russian Federation. However, this broker is not under such stringent oversight as brokers regulated in countries such as the US, UK, or Australia.


MaxiMarkets uses modern security systems to store user data and confidential information. It states that it does not provide user information to third parties without consent. Information is used solely for the provision of products and services.

Withdrawals and registration require verbal confirmation as an extra security layer. If need be, you can insure your account against losses.

Why Should You Choose MaxiMarkets?

The features on this platform are well-rounded and enough for any day trader. Other platforms, like eToro, have upsides, but so does MaxiMarkets.

The dealer incorporates broad features to provide a well-rounded trading experience. I will list some of them to give you an idea of what to expect. Here are a few reasons to consider this dealer:

  • It boasts 30 trading signals per minute.
  • The platform hosts 200 instruments.
  • You can start trading with as little as $500
  • Comfortable payment options for deposits and withdrawals (credit cards, web wallets, and transfers)
  • You can stay anonymous and confidential
  • One-click order execution
  • Weekly forecasts and a robust system to provide financial news
  • 24/7 support, including live chat, email, and telephone
  • It provides training services

These advantages come from the broad features of the platform. There are enough to explore any trading style that suits your fancy. Apart from its features, MaxiMarkets also offers bonuses and promotions to traders. You can pick up a welcome bonus and promotions to boost your investments.

If you feel like getting upskilled, the robust education section contains videos and resources on forex trading. You can also use it to hone your abilities in technical analysis before entering into trades.

What is MaxiMarkets?

This online trading service pulls ahead in several areas. With seven terminals, no technological limitation will stop you from making the most of your trades. You’re able to browse through them and pick the one that suits the occasion. MaxiMarkets has a web service, mobile platforms, and other terminals. All of them are highly secure for trading.

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Account Types at MaxiMarkets

Account Types at MaxiMarkets

As Oscar Auliq-Ice put it, “It’s important to know what you want to accomplish with your investments before you actually invest.” It’s important to choose the right brokerage account type for your needs. MaxiMarkets offers several options.

The account types at MaxiMarkets include the following:

1. Mini Account

This account offers less risk and is an excellent choice for beginners. It allows the user to learn and pick up pace in forex without losing much. You may consider forex as an additional income stream. The Mini account has the following:

  • Traders can start with as little as $500
  • There is online chat support
  • It offers forex signals for trading

2. Standard Account

The standard account provides the perfect launchpad to engage the market. In addition, you will have the leverage to bag higher profits. The standard account has the following features:

  • A minimum deposit of $5,000
  • Access to all functionalities on the platform
  • Access to forex signals
  • E-mail daily forecasts
  • Real-time forex signals by SMS

3. Silver Account

You will get more forex earning opportunities with the silver account than with the standard account. That is because this one aims its trading conditions at making profits. The minimum amount to open this account is $7,500, and you can co-finance it up to 40%. Here is what you get with the silver account:

  • One trading technique relevant to making a profit
  • A beginner course from the Trading Academy
  • Once-a-week consultation with the platform’s analysts.

4. Gold Account

The gold account is where things begin to jump into the fast lane. It costs $10,000 to open it, but the features you will get are worth it. You can use the two current trading techniques to improve your strategy or take a course for more advanced traders. The gold account offers the following:

  • An advanced course from the Trading Academy
  • Twice a week consultation with an analyst
  • Access to one month of SMS signals
  • Support for up to 50% co-financing

5. Platinum Account

The platinum account maximizes your potential for profitable returns. You will receive personal support, low spreads, and high bonuses. As a result, you can deposit more to boost your profits.

Once subscribed, you can bank on three top-notch trading techniques and three courses from the Trading Academy. Two courses will be advanced, while the first will be beginner-based. Opening a platinum account allows you to enjoy the following:

  • Six months of SMS signals
  • Six months of connected stocks and indices
  • Creating a personalized investment portfolio
  • Devalued exchange rate
  • Three opportunities per week to consult an analyst

6. VIP account

The VIP account is your best bet for taking your trading to the next level. It maximizes all the platform’s advantages, including a royal bonus and personal support. You can also co-finance the account up to 70% and still create individual strategies.

Combining your knowledge of how to use charts with the features on this account maximizes your chances. The unlimited SMS alerts, devalued exchange rates, and training for beginners to experts will all be helpful. You will get the following for opening a VIP account:

  • A VIP analyst during trading
  • Focus group participation
  • Insured accounts
  • Extension of open positions
  • Ability to create an investment portfolio

7. ECN Account

This account wraps things up in MaxiMarkets. You can withdraw orders from the interbank market and conclude trades with the counterparty. As a result, you get instant transactions, high liquidity, and zero spreads. To back up those points, here are some extra benefits:

  • Zero slippage
  • Minimal commission
  • No liquidity restriction
  • Complete anonymity and protection
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Instruments on MaxiMarket

Instruments on MaxiMarket

Here are the instruments I found at MaxiMarkets, including its MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms:

  • Stocks
  • Currencies
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Indices
  • Goods and metals

Having these instruments is one thing, but success in trading them is another. As Benjamin Franklin rightly said, “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” You should take the time to learn about the market before investing in it.

For instance, learning what PIP is in forex trading might boost your chances of trading currencies. You can also keep tabs on the cryptocurrency market to make informed decisions. It is not just about trading the leading financial assets, but having enough information at your fingertips. MaxiMarkets has online streaming news to keep you up-to-date on market trends.

Instruments on MaxiMarket

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MaxiMarkets has a brief section that answered the common questions I had about forex trading. As a beginner, that will get you up to speed, but you must advance to the video tutorials for more information.

The broker also has a section with a glossary or dictionary of terms used in the industry.

forex trading section

You can use the free forex trading section to learn how it works. The training expands on the subject, including how to make money on forex. In addition, “Problems in Stock Trading” will alert you to common pitfalls.

The most significant resource I found in MaxiMarkets’ training is the video library. It has video lessons on technical and fundamental analysis, practical tips, common misconceptions, and the basic course.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What payment options are available at MaxiMarkets?

The trading platform supports flexible payments through its payment methods. They include credit cards like Visa and MasterCard, Webmoney, Qiwi, Western Union, and bank transfers.

Does MaxiMarkets have training resources?

You can access the training resources through the “Education” tab on its platform. But you must sign up for one of the eligible account types before using the Trading Academy’s tools.

What is the minimum amount to open an account with MaxiMarkets?

You need at least $500 to open an account with this online broker. That amount will get you the Mini account, the least expensive on the platform.

Is MaxiMarkets regulated globally?

MaxiMarkets’ sole regulation comes from Marshall Islands, where it is incorporated under the Marshall Island Business Corporation Act. This is not the most reputable regulation, so traders should tread carefully. However, the online broker purports to abide by the trading laws of any country it operates in.


MaxiMarkets supports MT4 with optimized platforms for mobile and desktop. Hence, you can trade anytime, anywhere, regardless of your device. It has an excellent range of instruments, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, indices, goods, etc.

The support for seven accounts brings versatility to traders. There is an account for every budget, starting from $500 up to $10,000 and above. Nevertheless, I wish the beginner accounts had fewer limitations.

It is one of the best international brokers. Different types of assets, convenient and reliable platform, favorable trading conditions. Want to know more? Click here.
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