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James McGregor
James McGregor
The huge range of instruments is perfect if, like me, you value diversification and enjoy exploring various markets. Whether it's stocks, bonds, commodities, or forex pairs.

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I opened an account a few days ago and the process went smooth. The platform looks intuitive and their support is very responsive (i.e. average response time is less than one hour). So far so good - hopefully this is not a "demo version" of the service :). EDIT after about 2 months: still all good. Still the support is very responsive, still no problems. EDIT 2: after 4 months in total still so far so good. EDIT 3: I must admit I'm positively surprised. The customer support standard is very high and the platform works reliably as expected.

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The application is user-friendly, especially the mobile one. All assets are in one place, which is convenient. I give a good mark, not an excellent one because of two reasons: 1) The minimum deposit is high. 2) Notwithstanding that there is a bond screener, you still have to contact your manager to purchase bonds.

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Alexander Shkut
Alexander Shkut
I like this broker due to low commissions and wide range of instruments. Also, the trading platform for PC and mobile devices work fast and intuitively. The support team replies 24/7 within 3 mins, it's very useful.

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I value everything that works. Even if it doesn't sometime for any reason, company that takes responsibility & brings understandable support actually works. Thank you for being there when needed most.

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EXANTE provides fantastic trading services with a user-friendly platform and clear commission fees. Transfers are fast and hassle-free.

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I hadn’t heard of Exante until just a few months ago, so I decided to check them out and compare them against other global brokers such as Interactive Brokers. I was surprised to find that they are comparable and available in most countries around the world.

If you are looking for a broker that provides access to international stock markets, as well as forex, crypto, futures, bonds, mutual/hedge funds, and options all from one platform – at very low commissions – then Exante is a broker to consider. Here are its pros and cons, along with what you need to know before trading with this broker.

Summary Pros and Cons of Exante

Go global: Access global markets in a secure trading environment from one account. Trade stocks, forex, futures, cryptocurrencies, options, mutual/hedge funds, and bonds all from one account.Inactivity fee: €50 inactivity fee applied after six months, but only if you have no open position and the account balance is below €5000.
Plenty of choices: Trade over 600,000 financial products from various asset classes and markets/countries around the worldWIthdrawal fee: There is a €30 (or equivalent in other currencies) withdrawal fee for any withdrawal from the account. Withdrawals take 3-5 days to receive funds.
Futuristic interface: The Exante trading platform has a user-friendly interface that gives a futuristic look, yet is user-friendly to use.Limited Deposit/Withdrawal Methods: Can only use bank transfers
Discount commission: Exante is a low fee broker, which keeps costs low for traders.High Minimum Deposit: €10,000 minimum required.
Direct Market Access: Exante’s platform allows you to interact with markets directly, with no broker intervention.
Regulated with Client Fund Safety: Exanted is regulated in multiple jurisdictions and keeps client’s funds in trust in a separate account from its own.

Is Exanted Regulated and Safe to Trade With?

Depositing with a broker is the biggest trade we make – we are trusting that broker with our funds. Thankfully, Exante is a trustworthy broker. Here’s why.

Exante is regulated in the UK, Euro zone, and Hong Kong.

regulated means

Being regulated means the broker is subject to regulatory oversight and must adhere to local laws. Exante also keeps clients’ funds in a segregated account, away from their own business accounts. If Exante were to get into financial trouble, client’s funds are safe in a separate account.

Exante.eu has a 3.1 rating out of 5 on Trustpilot, with most of the complaints arising from the withdrawal fee. They have been in business for more a decade and have more than 600 employees.

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Exante Trading Fees

Exante provides access to over 600,000 financial assets from various asset classes from countries around the world. Here’s a summary of the fees.

Exante Trading Fees

You can see all of Exante’s trading fees via the Markets page. Click on asset class to see the current fees. The table below provides a summary outline.

US Stocks and ETFs0.02/share (minimum $1 commission)
International Stocks and ETFs0.05% of amount and up ($1 equivalent minimum)
ForexTight spreads + 0.005% of the amount
Metals$3 or 0.005% per trade
Futures$1.5 per contract and up, or 0.03% and up
Options$1.5 per contract and up
Bonds9 basis points

The table provides a quick overview of the commissions Exante charges. As mentioned though, they offer hundreds of thousands of products, and fees vary between them. Before trading, check the Markets page above to see the exact rate for the product you’re trading.

If trading crypto, for comparison, Binance crypto fees start at 0.1% and drop from there based on increased trading volume.

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Exante Product Offers

Exante offers more than 600,000 financial instruments. Here is a summary rundown of what they are.

The list has been broken down into asset classes, with the assets or exchanges available for trade in that asset class outlined in each.


There are more than 50 currency pairs in total to trade.

Stocks and ETFs – Markets Available
American Stock ExchangeArchipelago Exchange
Athens Stock ExchangeAustralian Securities Exchange
BATS Global MarketsBorsa Italiana
Borsa İstanbulCopenhagen Stock Exchange
Euronext AmsterdamEuronext Brussels
Euronext IrelandEuronext Lisbon
Euronext ParisHelsinki Stock Exchange
Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing LimitedJohannesburg Stock Exchange
London Stock ExchangeLondon Stock Exchange Alternative Investment Market
London Stock Exchange International Order BookMadrid Stock Exchange
Nasdaq Stock MarketNew York Stock Exchange
Nordic OMXOslo Stock Exchange
OTC Markets GroupPrague Stock Exchange
Singapore ExchangeStockholm Stock Exchange
Swiss ExchangeTel-Aviv Stock Exchange
Tokyo Stock ExchangeToronto Stock Exchange
Vienna Stock ExchangeWarsaw Stock Exchange
Xetra Stock Exchange

This means you can trade any stocks that are listed on these exchanges, comprising most of the stocks in the world.


Metals are popular assets among traders and investors for both short-term and long-term speculation.

Futures – Exchanges Available
Australian Securities ExchangeBorsa İstanbul
Chicago Board of TradeChicago Mercantile Exchange
Commodity Exchange, Inc.Eurex Exchange
CBOE Futures ExchangeHong Kong Exchange
New York Mercantile ExchangeOsaka Exchange
Singapore ExchangeTokyo Commodity Exchange

Many assets, such as stock indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies trade via futures contracts.

Options Trading – Exchanges Available
Australian Stock ExchangeChicago Board of Trade
Chicago Board Options ExchangeChicago Mercantile Exchange
Commodity Exchange, Inc.EUREX (DTB, SOFFEX)
Hong Kong ExchangeNew York Mercantile Exchange
Osaka Securities Exchange

Options are trades on stocks, currencies, stock indices, and many others assets. They are a derivative contract, which means their value is based on the moving of the underlying asset the option is based on.

Euronext BondsEuropean Corporate
European GovernmentExotics
Malta Stock ExchangeUS Corporate
US Government

Bonds are asset classes generally used by investors trading over the long-term.

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Exante Deposit & Withdrawal Methods and Minimums

Exante has limited deposit and withdrawal methods, and also requires a minimum deposit amount.

Exante allows you to deposit or withdraw via bank transfer only. The minimum deposit amount is €10,000. The withdrawal fee is €30 or equivalent in other currencies. Because of this, you will generally need to make large withdrawals.

Making small withdrawals will result in paying excessive fees. Deposits and withdrawals and can made in 14 different currencies: GBP, USD, JPY, EUR, CHF, CZK, SEK, CAD, HKD, MXN, PLN, NOK, SGD, and AUD. Looking for a broker with a smaller minimum deposit? Check out our BDSwiss Reveiw.

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Exante Account Types

Exante offers both individual investor accounts, as well as business accounts.

individual investor accounts

Here are the four account types that Exante Offers:

Private Investors

Offers private investors direct access to more than 50 global markets and the ability to trade various financial instruments, such as stocks, ETFs, bonds, futures, options, metals, fiat, and cryptocurrencies from a single multi-currency account.

Family Offices

The service is designed for private financial agencies that manage investments for high net worth families and groups. It offers a choice of jurisdiction, simplified asset transfer, and the highest level of investor protection through a globally licensed and award-winning platform.

Wealth Managers

This service caters to wealth and asset managers who manage the investments of multiple clients. It provides access to new exchange-traded and over-the-counter instruments for clients and offers effortless multi-account management and detailed reporting. Additionally, the service offers 24/7 customer care to facilitate high-touch investor relations and personalized wealth management services.

Banks and Financial Companies

This service is aimed at banks and other large financial institutions seeking to utilize third-party brokerage platforms and services. The benefits include regulatory compliance, rapid setup and onboarding, well-established technology, effortless deployment, and detailed reporting.

All retail/private clients get the same account and are subject to the same fees.

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Exante Trading Platform and App

The Exante trading platform is one of the most user-friendly I have found for placing orders. It is fast, streamlined, and provides access to all markets on one platform on any device.

Exante provides their own trading platform, available as a web-based version on the Exante website. It can also be downloaded to desktop (Linux, Windows, or MacOS) or to a Android or Apple device.

Android or Apple device

All the assets you can trade are in the Instruments box in the top left. Use the search box to quickly find the asset you want to trade. Upon selecting an asset, the chart automatically loads. You can view your account information in the bottom left.

The “Portfolio and Orders” section on the bottom shows your current positions and current orders. On the right is where you can place your orders. You’re able to easily send out various order types with stop losses and profit targets attached.

You can also see Market Depth and Time & Sales for any market. A great feature for seeing what orders are out there from other traders. Overall, the platform is straightforward to navigate, with easy-to-use charts (with indicators and drawing tools).

Brokers like Spreadex have a great trading platform as well; you can check them out.

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Exante Support and Trading Education

Customer service is essential to make users feel comfortable with their broker. Exante provides responsive customer support, as well as an extensive help section and market analysis.

You can contact Exante in multiple ways:

Exante’s address is:

28 October Avenue, 365

Vashiotis Seafront Building

Offices 102, 103, 501,

3107, Limassol, Cyprus

You’ll also have access to an extensive help directory, with answers to commonly asked questions about opening accounts, the trading platform, and the markets offered for trading.

If you are looking for trading education or analysis, Exante also offers that. They provide regular market insights and analysis on the Insights page.

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Exante FAQs

Can I trade on multiple global exchanges through Exante?

Yes, Exante provides direct access to over 50 global exchanges and trading venues, allowing users to trade on multiple markets from a single account.

Does Exante offer demo accounts?

Yes, Exante offers a demo account that allows users to test the platform and trading strategies without risking real money.

What type of clients does Exante serve?

Exante serves a variety of clients, including private investors, wealth and asset managers, banks, and large financial institutions.

Can I trade cryptocurrencies on Exante?

Yes, Exante allows users to trade a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple, among others.

What trading platforms does Exante offer?

Exante offers their own proprietary trading platform. There are multiple versions of the platform, including a web-based platform, a mobile app, and a desktop application.

Can I trade on Exante from any location?

Exante is available in most countries, but the availability of certain financial instruments and services may vary depending on the user’s location and the regulations in that jurisdiction.

Does Exante offer any promotions or bonuses for new users?

Exante occasionally offers promotions and bonuses for new users, such as reduced trading fees or bonus deposits. However, these offers may vary depending on the user’s location and other factors.

Final Thoughts: Is Exante Worth Trading With?

Exante is a highly regulated broker offering a wide range of markets. It is a broker certainly worth considering. Trading fees are very low on certain products, but they are a bit higher on others depending on what you are trading. For the most part, their fees are competitive with other international brokers like Interactive Brokers.

This broker is not meant for people trading a small amount of capital, or who are brand new to trading. The €10,000 deposit minimum and €30 withdrawal fee means the broker is targeting higher net-worth individuals.

The trading experience is hassle-free and support is there when you need it. The platform is excellent, easy to use, and provides the tools traders need on any device. Overall, this is a high-quality broker to consider, and is a solid choice for more seasoned traders.

Also check out reviews of E*TRADE and TradeStation.

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