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Saqib Iqbal

Saqib Iqbal shares a lot of value about Forex trading, investing and crypto.

Dollar Index (DXY) Posing a Downside Risk in Q2

If the Fed cuts rate more aggressively than expected, it may significantly weaken the US dollar. Moreover, despite the hawkish comments of Fed officials, the recent downturn in the US ...
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JPY Could End Q1 with a Whopping 4% Dip

The BoJ kept short-term interest rates at -0.1% last month. Moreover, it adhered to its yield curve control policy, keeping the yield on Japanese government bonds at an upper limit of 1%. ...
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Investing in this Auto Stock Could Potentially Yield 41% in Q1 2024

When I found the intrinsic value of the stock, it’s undervalued by 29%. When you combine this undervaluation with the company’s overall growth, it can yield up to 41%. The company bought ...
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This Fintech Company Down By 22%, Can Jump To 25% in Q1

Amid current inflationary trends, many fintech companies have nosedived. Their stocks have plummeted, which makes some of them a good bargain. One such company is Toast.
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This Undervalued Stock is Down By 64.77%, Should You Jump In?

Autoship service automatically reorders and ships items, accounting for 76.4% of overall net revenues. Net sales per active client have risen by double digits in recent quarters.
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Cory Mitchell

Cory Mitchell is one of the best trading authors who also posts on Forbes and Investopedia.

S&P 500 Tends to Fall In Late February Early March, Rally Strongly After

Each investor and trader should follow their own trading system based on trade signals (entries and exits) that they tested to have a reliable edge over time. This includes understanding ...
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Bitcoin Target $68,000 Before Next Significant Pullback

After analyzing every bull market of the last decade, I found that the average and median pullback is 27%. I only included drops of more than 20% since smaller drops are so frequent. The ...
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3 Quality Stocks Still Priced Cheaply in a Very Strong Stock Market

It’s also crucial to understand that generally the greater the growth rate of the company, the higher the potential P/E it will trade at because investors are willing to pay a higher price ...
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The Fundamentals that Generated 1700% Stock Returns Over the Last 5 Years in These Stocks

Cory Mitchell an analyst at trading education website Trading.biz, reveals the fundamentals that have led to the stock's meteoric rise, up thousands of percent.
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Nvidia Is Pulling Back, Is it a Good Buy?

PEG Forward, which accounts for earnings growth over the next five years is 0.4. Fairly valued stocks are considered to have a PEG Forward of 1.0. Therefore, when accounting for growth, NVDA ...
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Tobi Opeyemi Amure

Tobi Opeyemi Amure helps and supports new traders in choosing the best brokers.

Gold ETFs Failing to Sparkle – But Is A Breakout On the Horizon?

Gold ETF holdings are languishing around $1,500 - nowhere close to previous peaks. When gold eventually breaks out above $2,050, that's when ETFs will start piling in en masse, catapulting ...
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Stocks Trend Higher as Earnings Pour In

We'll be watching closely to see if corporations can continue driving earnings growth even as consumers show more caution and economic hurdles persist globally.
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The Fed Stays the Course, But Rate Cuts Could Be Coming

The Committee does not expect it will be appropriate to reduce the target range until it has gained greater confidence that inflation is moving sustainably toward 2 percent.
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Coinbase Poised for Comeback Amid Crypto Resurgence

The crypto markets tend to move in cycles, and we seem to be entering a new bullish phase. Coinbase has always been one of the elite crypto platforms in terms of trust and reliability.
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Commodities Supercycle Returns: How To Capitalize on Hot Markets

We're seeing all the ingredients come together for hotter commodity markets over the next 5-10 years. Energy transition acceleration, the global economic rebound, supply chain bottlenecks - ...
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Rahul Nambiampurath

Rahul Nambiampurath teaches how to earn with crypto trading.

NVIDIA Price Surge Makes Other Chip Plays Desirable: AMD in Focus

NVIDIA enjoys a staggering 90% share in the AI chip market, and post the Q4 earnings report, levels closer to $950 might not be out of sight.
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Palo Alto Networks Nosedives on Realigned Revenue Estimates: Strong Buy Signals Surface

In a space that is getting saturated with customers getting tired of spending more and more on cyber threat mitigation strategies, Palo Alto’s Platformization strategy might end up ...
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Top Mutual Funds Shift Focus to Tech and Finance: New Buy Signals Flash

Vanguard Mid-Cap Index Fund has increased its exposure to mid-cap shares, with a specific focus on healthcare and technology.
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Semiconductor Space Indicates Robustness As New Buy Signals Flash

AMD is foraying rapidly into the AI chip space while ON has its sights set on sensor devices and power management, both key semiconductor-led, crucial use cases.
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AI Leads the Market Surge: Multiple Stocks Flash Buy Signals

For companies like NVIDIA, it is the global supply chain strength and the unveiling of innovative products like the H200 chipset, which are leading the market surge.
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